Melon soaker

18 August 2008

My first post

This blog has been created to talk about my crochet addiction, show off my items in progress either for my family or for others, the stocking of my Etsy store and the reasons why I am not crocheting at other times.

I have started using wool covers on my daughter a few months ago. First I made a few covers with recycled sweaters, but I was not crazy about them (in retrospect, I think I did not have quite the right sweaters) anyhow, they worked fine over training pants since we practice EC and this is mainly what we use around the house during daytime.

Then I wanted to make soakers, so I started working a licensed pattern from Ladybugz Farm. It turns out that I love the shape of the basic pattern.

I have made a few for missy (made the bum area slightly smaller, again, we are not using thick diapers during daytime around the house) and, since this was around the time our pocket diapers were not working at night for us anymore, decided to take the night plunge. Took a couple trial and error to find the "right" diaper to wear under, but we got it. A snappied premium prefold and a hemp doubler work like a charm for us under a pair of "full bum" shorties.

Somewhere in between of all this I have started a store on Etsy to try and get rich! Seriously, I am making almost nothing, but it keeps me happy.

I am planning of mainly blogging in English here, but don't be surprised if it end up with French posts too, that is just what I do!


Sherry said...

I loved your comment about starting your store to get rich...I nearly spewed my morning mocha on the keyboard! hahaha

Welcome to blogger and to Etsy, I am glad to see you and wish you much success. I love the soaker in your top picture, it is adorable! I noticed you have a link to my blog in your sidebar so I have given you a reciprocal link on my blog. I hope it brings you some customers! :)

Petit Mouton on Etsy said...

Isn't it why you're making diapers?