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16 July 2009

Product review: Domino Pads and righteousbaby Moon Petal

I want to rave about my Moon Petal and Domino pads.

I am reviewing them together because they are very similar. They are both a bamboo velour pad with a fleece backing.

I got the postpartum version for both of them. Similar lenght.

I love that they have no PUL or other plastic layer. They breathe and I think it helped my healing a lot. The bamboo is so soft and absorbent, that they do not leak through the fleece.

I love the free form pattern on the Moon Petal, but I also find that they shift a little bit more than the Dominos in my underwear when used overnight. This is not a problem during daytime. Even if the psopartum pads I have offer more protection than needed I will keep using them for my regular period after beacuse they are so comfortable.

Quelle aide...

Qu'est-ce qui arrive quand on demande à un enfant de 2 ans et demie de nous aider a mettre une brassée dans la laveuse?
Bein elle va chercher du linge dans son tirroir et le fout dans la laveuse pour completer la brassée...
Mon chum ne s'en ai pas rendu compte, j'ai réalisé pas mal vite par contre que je suis en train de replier le linge que j'ai plié hier! La moitié de la brassée était déjà propre!