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16 July 2009

Product review: Domino Pads and righteousbaby Moon Petal

I want to rave about my Moon Petal and Domino pads.

I am reviewing them together because they are very similar. They are both a bamboo velour pad with a fleece backing.

I got the postpartum version for both of them. Similar lenght.

I love that they have no PUL or other plastic layer. They breathe and I think it helped my healing a lot. The bamboo is so soft and absorbent, that they do not leak through the fleece.

I love the free form pattern on the Moon Petal, but I also find that they shift a little bit more than the Dominos in my underwear when used overnight. This is not a problem during daytime. Even if the psopartum pads I have offer more protection than needed I will keep using them for my regular period after beacuse they are so comfortable.


Karin said...

Thanks so much for including Domino Pads in your review! I am glad you like them :)

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

What cute BLOG! You should share it sometime at - we have BLOG sharing every Friday. Blessings & Health, Kristie