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19 September 2008

Real Diaper Week

September 19-29 2008.

Some member of the Etsy cloth diaper Street is holding an event: Real Diaper Week!

The goal is to help bring real diapers to a baby's bottom near you! Each participating shop has something different to offer, but some of the promotional listings include:
Multi-diaper packs at discounted prices
Easy to use diapers that are 'just like sposies'
Getting started packs (with everything you need to get started!)
Variety packs (so you can try out a little of everything and figure out what you like)
Cloth diapering travel packs with wetbags and wipes
Sew-Them-Yourself kits (with the pattern & instructions to make your own cloth diapers, plus the materials for your first diaper!)

I did not have adequate stock to participate but several other shops have worked really hard on stocking for this promotion. Check out our team blog for shop listing and details.

Come, visit, shop, tell your friends, and most of all, give your baby real diapers!

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