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18 September 2009

Lainages à vendre - Selling used woolies

De-stashing some of little miss' woolies. If you are interested, just contact me via my local Craigslist add. Tell me what you are interested in, and I'll quote shipping on it.

1. A newborn soaker with a whale on the bum. Ladybugz Honey suckle pattern. Has a stain from a blow-out in the early days. Might be able to sunbleach it. Only $6.

2. Celery green soaker sack. My own design. In excellent condition. Pictured on little miss at 3.5 months old. $15

3. Tootsie Roll soaker sack. Slightly longer than the green one. Pictured on her at around 8 weeks. $15.
Je vends quelques lainages qui ne sont plus utilisés.

1. Culotte de laine avec une baleine sur les fesses. Tache sur les fesses. Seulement $6.

2. Sac de laine vert céleri avec des coccinelles dessus. Excellent condition. $15.

3. Sac de laine Tootsie Roll. Excellente condition. $15.

Contactez-moi via mon annonce Craigslist locale avec les articles qui vous intéressent et je calculerai les frais de poste.

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