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20 August 2009

I was here breastfeeding... Nursing rules

I enjoyed the rules posted by MamaKenz. So now is the time for my contribution.

Those rules apply to my toddler. Baby is too little for them for now.

- We don't stick our free hands under mommy's arm pits. And if you have managed to put your hand there and I tolerated it, you don't wiggle your fingers in Mommy's armpit!

- We don't twiddle our hair while nursing. (She twirls her tongue along with her finger. Very annoying).

- The two above rules can be summarized by my more general rule: No moving.

- We open our mouth and let the nipple go before starting to talk.

- A Thank you is not required here either, but appreciated.

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Chic Mama said...

very cute!!! Love your additions!